Friday, November 19, 2010

Latin American food is satisfying for my soul and stomach!

I majored in Spanish in undergrad, and have traveled to Latin America multiple times. The food is delicious, easily gluten-free, and good for the soul.

Today, I made tostadas for dinner. They were DELICIOUS. Here's a pic to make your mouth water a little bit.

Layer 1 - Fried corn tortilla, AKA tostada
Layer 2 - Refried black beans from Guatemala
Layer 3 - Cheddar cheese
Layer 4 - Spiced ground chicken - I ground a frozen chicken breast with my cheese grater - amazing!
Layer 5 - Lettuce
Layer 6 - Avocado - fresh for 28 cents
Layer 7 - Salsa

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Being a law student, fresh out of undergrad, I have little money to live on.
Being completely on my own, I have to make my own meals.
Being gluten-free, I'm stuck in the constant choice of quality versus amount of money in my bank account.
Being raised in a frugal home, I only buy food on sale or with a coupon.
Being fed up with the same, cheap, gluten-free food after just 3 months of law school, I can't wait for two and ahalf years from now, when I can hopefully afford my own food.

Rant over.